All About THC Lemonade

If you've been looking for a fun, new drink recipe, try making your own THC lemonade. Cannabis lemonade is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy a tasty beverage. You'll need to mix 1.35 liters of cold water with the juice of up to ten lemons and sugar. You'll also need a measuring cup, pitcher, or juicer. Finally, you'll need to add the cannabis tincture. After you've added all the ingredients, chill the lemonade for at least three hours. When the drink is ready, serve it with ice.
As with edibles, THC lemonade is best consumed slowly. You can begin with a small dose, and then increase it a little bit at a time. If you don't feel the desired effects after an hour or two, you can drink more. Just remember to never overdo it. Then, take another small drink. This way, you won't have too much THC in one glass.
Vicious Citrus is expected to debut in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario in early next year, and then expand to other provinces. 
Keef Mocktail Lemonade has the taste and texture of traditional lemonade, but the THC dose is higher. Unlike most other lemonade products, Keef Mocktail Lemonade is intended to be consumed on its own, without the addition of sugar. It can also be mixed with your favorite non-alcoholic drink, or taken like a shot. In Colorado, Keef Mocktail Lemonade is available in 100 mg and 200 mg doses.
When consuming cannabis products, consumers often wonder about the right milligram dose. Most CBD beverages contain between 15 to 30 mg of cannabinoids. Others prefer higher dosages. When buying THC drink,  remember that each bottle contains two to five mg of THC, so be sure to consult your doctor before starting any new diet or supplement regimen. Just make sure to follow the recommended dose. You'll be surprised at how much THC is in a bottle of lemonade.
One strain that works well for THC lemonade is Original Bruce Banner, an indica-dominant hybrid that contains up to 26% THC. This strain contains both CBD and THC, so you can enjoy a delicious drink that will leave you feeling energized and relaxed. Its flavour is also complex and has a high limonene content, which makes it an ideal ingredient for tangy lemonade. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic:
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